lundi 30 mai 2016

Royal Baden -Hollywood Fakir with Reverend Beatman

My dearest friend Reverend Beatman improvising some cool atmospheric music for my fakir act at Royal Baden farewell party this weekend.
Thank you so much Beatman for helping the damsel in distress that I was! :D

jeudi 25 avril 2013

Make something new...

I had this old 50's dress that was all ripped and dying in my closet but I couldn't let it go cause I love the fabric so much!
So I've decided to make something new with it!
And after listening to my awesome ethiopian music I got at the library the other day, I had the idea to make a turban and a little light "jacket" to wear on top on of summer dresses!
I've just cutted off the bottom (skirt) part from the top, and wrapped it around my head making a bun in the front, then I just had to saw the bottom edge of the top so it doesn't go all shit...
and voila!
here's the result!
Even though the patterns are pretty strong, I think it works mixing flowers and black and white graphics!
It makes a great modern African style don't you think?
Now I can go out on this beautiful sunny day and make parisians smile with all my colors! hehe!

mardi 23 avril 2013

Geek day...

Is library day ♡...

Giant smart glasses, check.

Geeky Mod outfit, check.

dimanche 21 avril 2013


Back in february when I went to Hawaii with my darling Ariana...Thank you so so much David and Mark for having us and treating us like princesses! I will never ever forget those magical moments. ☼♡