dimanche 29 avril 2012

Wir sind dorks und stolz darauf...

More Berlin fun..here are the many faces of Antony Maiovii and Lalla Morte. We are dorks and proud of it! hehe!


and all the fun started! our impersonations of the evil Santa Claus  and Marilyn Manson

"Do something!" hehehe!

Berlin fun, Soul Dracula and a lot of food...

Here's what happened when I was in Berlin last week. Visiting my friend Tony before meeting up with The Slackers and going on the mini tour. So much fun! I miss you my Momongo!
Lets play the "Soul Dracula hot blood" vinyl I found for Tony at the flea market . This was our tune for the rest of my days there. hehe! I really wanna make a T-shirt with the print! so cool!

our Ikea trip to buy a duvet and plants!

1.50 euros Hot dog!

Antoni Maiovii at his desk. thinking.

my favourite place for sushi in berlin, 63 wienerstr.

Joanna, Tim and Tony

late night veggie pizza

snacking in the metro

curry wurst at the flea market

grilled chicken


I made french toasts!

the chef anticipating

Cinnamon we "stole" from the bar where Tony DJayed the night before

et voila!

I want one of his shirt!

Pad Thai I ate on our movie night at Joanna's

Our studies after watching "Cool as ice" a movie with Vanilla Ice

I draw the cover of a vinyl I found for Tony at the flea market

drawing I made while Tony was Djing at the bar

I made this one before we went get our Thai take away

my morning cafe latte

found this gem at the flea market. SO happy!

Another gem!

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Back from Slackers tour!...

I am home! got back this morning REALLY early. The boys dropped me in Besancon and I took the first train there. I've only slept 4 hours or so but feel ok. Just relaxing and listening to my new vinyls on our old "Fisher price" turntable that Lili just got back from her dad's! yipee!I will post more about my lil trip later. I need to sort out all the photos. And wash! I didn't bother shower for nearly 3 days now? yes. no shame here.
I have to say, I already miss all of my darling Slackers and their adorable crew! x

mercredi 25 avril 2012

Slacking with the slackers...

On tour with my friends The Slackers...This should say it all for now...

samedi 21 avril 2012


I have arrived safe and sound! The journey was crazy long with some delays but at the end, was waiting one of my favorite people..my dear Toni Maiovvi! we went to an exciting adventure to Ikea to get me a brand new fresh duvet..haha, yes, you read Ikea. The highlight of this trip though, was that I could get some of those delicious cinnamon rolls and hotdogs. Right, I will write more later.
here's what we're listening to right now, drinking coffee and eating rolls.

Humm..what should I do?
Eat a cinnamon roll, of course!!

vendredi 20 avril 2012

Maybe I got addicted...

to running..
went again this morning, on my own this time, it was a little bit harder than last time cause I've had some sleepless nights last week and I had to work. Also, no Alexia to entertain me..hehe!
This time I stretched when I got home cause I was such in pain after our session last week! I was walking like a cowboy for almost a week.
Dj Scratchy who's staying with me, oh by the way he's playing at Alimentation general tonight! it's rue Jean Pierre Timbaud in the 11th! yeah, Scratchy was impressed that I had gone for an hour of work out in the early morning like I said I would do last night. I actually didn't run for a whole hour but it made me smile hearing that.
Yay! I'm ready for my long night ride on the train tonight! Destination: Berlin! 4 days hanging out with my geeky partner Tony and my other Berlin family! Then I'll hop on the bus with The Slackers for 4 days of fun tour! Hopefully I'll get some time to throw a lil post here and there...now, shower time! x

perfect song that was playing while sweating my ass off..

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Lucky girl...

I got a surprise in the mail today and boy, it totally made my day! I felt like a 12 years old and had to roll on the floor. (though my daughter is 12 and never does that. Hmm..) You crazy Kangaroo, thank you so much!! <3 

and vanished! hehe!