samedi 14 avril 2012

Run Lalla run...

I went for a little run with Alexia this morning. We went to the parc de Montsouris near her place.
Best idea we've had lately!
Even just the walk from my place to hers was so peaceful and the light was beautiful.
I love the early hours of the morning when it feels like you're the only one soul wandering around.
I feel so good now both in my body and in my mind. Running is good for your heart and also for your head cause it gives you time to meditate. Alexia was so cute in her 80's rollerderby girl outfit and she makes me laugh constantly (sometimes it was hard trying to keep the same rhythm and laughing at the same time), now we're fit for some good partying tonight...ouch.  can't wait for the next session! who wants to join our team?
Here's some Sugar Minott.. we watched some reggae show on BBC 4 with Lili last night. And that tune stayed in my head...(check out his awesome dance moves...)

Sporty and very sweaty Lalla ah hahahaha.

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