dimanche 29 avril 2012

Berlin fun, Soul Dracula and a lot of food...

Here's what happened when I was in Berlin last week. Visiting my friend Tony before meeting up with The Slackers and going on the mini tour. So much fun! I miss you my Momongo!
Lets play the "Soul Dracula hot blood" vinyl I found for Tony at the flea market . This was our tune for the rest of my days there. hehe! I really wanna make a T-shirt with the print! so cool!

our Ikea trip to buy a duvet and plants!

1.50 euros Hot dog!

Antoni Maiovii at his desk. thinking.

my favourite place for sushi in berlin, 63 wienerstr.

Joanna, Tim and Tony

late night veggie pizza

snacking in the metro

curry wurst at the flea market

grilled chicken


I made french toasts!

the chef anticipating

Cinnamon we "stole" from the bar where Tony DJayed the night before

et voila!

I want one of his shirt!

Pad Thai I ate on our movie night at Joanna's

Our studies after watching "Cool as ice" a movie with Vanilla Ice

I draw the cover of a vinyl I found for Tony at the flea market

drawing I made while Tony was Djing at the bar

I made this one before we went get our Thai take away

my morning cafe latte

found this gem at the flea market. SO happy!

Another gem!

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