dimanche 15 avril 2012


Back in january when my darlings Reka and Tea visited me to celebrate new year. My friend Degurutieni was here too and I'm so happy that more of my favourite people in the world met in my hometown and my love nest.
Please check out Degurutieni's music, he's so amazing! His music is such a weird and interesting mix of sounds that I love (Tom Waits, Sonic youth, gypsy music, experimental..). He's back in europe in june, playing at the Festival Hey! that takes place at the Cirque electrique from june 7th to 10th! I will post all the details later! I'll be performing my Black light magic act with him as it is one of his tunes I'm using. But this time it'll be a treat for me (and for you!) cause it'll be played live by the master himself! hehehe!
Right, enough talking, here's a sample of his talent and a picture he took of my homegirls and me in the metro...

big time dorks!! <3

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