mercredi 30 mai 2012

Teenage crisis...

Today I spent a very relaxing day with my fellow performer and friend Ema Montes! we had a picnic by the Seine with our friend Mitch Tornade who's visiting us for the week. Then I went to get my new piercing cause I'm a retarded daughter is too serious, someone has to be rebellious in the house! If you guys are going through a regressive phase and want to get some holes in your skin I can only recommend going to Chamor (my friend) who's working at Tribal Act, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris.
Of course, you'll understand that i'm not actually thinking that only teenagers are getting pierced! me and my very smart humour.. This is me being a brat. it's totally personal.
I'm not making any sense I'm afraid..
so, anyway, my day ended with Ema and yours truly, sitting in a cafe and chatting, trying to redefine what our roles are in this business of is a cabaret ol' chum!

Haaaaa....I got to relax for only 12hrs and lemme tell you, It was so welcome! Though, It looks like I will need more than that to have a normal brain again..

Here's a sweet tune dedicated to this beautiful day and to you Orlando if you ever read this.

Me. again. 

dimanche 27 mai 2012


May 26th, In 24 sweaty hours...

got the bride bouquet ♡...

looking different...with one arm left.
(my cropped top was hand made by Blooming Leopold, amazing small company!)

Last night...

This weekend I've performed for "La Petite cour des Astres"2nd anniversary with my darling Ema Montes, Isadora Gamberetti, Varla Fortuna, Sucre d'Orge, Dyna Dagger and all their sweet team..
This is a photo from my newest act I've created for the occasion, some kind of petite comedy with some magic tricks dressed in my Pierrot costume tiptoeing in the middle of cotton clouds.. More about this weekend when I rejoined with myself again...though it felt really nice hanging out with different friends all through the day and Paris is sweet tonight..

Photo: Mathieu Backx ©

samedi 26 mai 2012


What a crazy day...I went to one of my best friends' wedding to doll her up and attend the ceremony (she gave me her bouquet,  how sweet ♥) had a magical gig with La petite cour des Astres, I love you guys! I walked on lil clouds and paint myself in fluorescent paint, bathed in a sink in the ladies room, got to catch up with a lot of friends from here and elsewhere, so now, Nighty night everybody! especially you...yes, you know..♥

Neo Pop Art 10th anniversary...

Some pictures from 2 weeks ago, when I performed with a mini format of the Cirque Electrique for the Neo Pop Art 10th anniversary at LA JAVA in Paris.
All photos were taken by Gaetan Tracqui ©
Thank you Gaetan! ☺
And a little Tom Waits to say goodnight...

vendredi 25 mai 2012


I'm beat... marathon week is killing me.
can't even type correctly bonne nuit.

tired. can you tell? I can.

jeudi 24 mai 2012

STEAM, Cirque Electrique and a carousel...

The press preview of our show STEAM was a success tonight! Yipee!
We got such lovely feedback from the journalists, our friends and family! I can't wait for the 2 weeks of shows starting june 10th till June 24th! Come see us!
You can read about us on the WAD magazine site HERE

It feels good to be back in the circus life!
this is what happened after the show... SO much fun!!

samedi 19 mai 2012

OSCA & Mc Hammer...

On wednesday  I flew to Munich to join my best friend Lady Ane Angel to perform with the band OSCA. The gig was in Augsburg more precisely. It's a 40 min drive from Munich.
We hadn't seen the band since our last show back in january and despite the lack of time to rehearse what we've created 3 months ago, it went very well! and it was such a blast to be in their company. Not only they're amazing musicians but they're also so much fun to hang out with! I mean, it's a pretty cool sign when you have the drummer casually jumping in a conversation about gynecological topics (yes, vaginas.) without being a creep! hahaha
Anyway... where was I? Ah, The show was a success, we performed in a theatre and there was so much space for us to play around and a lot of people showed up, it was quite impressive!
We had an awesome after party in our changing room..Ane and I.
the tradition is, whenever there is a corridor, we have to make a hip hop video...
In January we did one to "Ice ice baby" of vanilla Ice..
this time we went a level up with "Can't touch this" of Mc Hammer...
The videos are not to be seen by a large audience and we still feel a bit self-conscious it could kill someone watching them (though the very few privileged ones say they've never seen such beauty in their entire life) ... so here are some footage shots instead (for now..tum tum tum!)...
I love this girl to death..only her can truly understand my stupid sense of humour.

Some pictures of the performance (more here)

Some pictures from our Mc Hammer video...

And some bonus bongo bongo... back home after being gone for 24 hrs, with a wake up call at 4.30 am to catch a train to the airport...tea was well deserved. Cheers!

lundi 14 mai 2012


Bonne nuit, off to bed...

Tooth...and the Maytals...

Today I went to the dentist. I showed him my molar. He said: "This has to go."
Me: ☹
So soon, bye bye tooth. Maybe I'll get some metal to replace you.
I still have my (dorky) sense of humour. So here's some Toots and the Maytals..


samedi 12 mai 2012

Fun mail ♥...

April, you've been good to me, so first, lemme dedicate this song to you...

Hello May! ( I know, May started already 2 weeks ago...better later than never)
Was I surprised yesterday, when I opened my mail box to find a big envelop that made me really really excited! My dear friend Marc in London sent me such a fun letter...very creative young lad you are!
hehe! Not only the message was sweet but the whole thing was a box to build!
so here I am.. sitting on the floor,following the instructions...and, ta da! The result cracked me up!
Merci Marc!! you're so cool! xoxoxo
I throw in  some food pictures cause I'm a pig...and that's it. voila for now! x

The Magic letter 


Lets see...

u can't really tell on the photo, but you get the picture, right? hahaha!!


Breakfast this morning! power stuff before I went for a run! 

lundi 7 mai 2012

Slacking with The Slackers...

So you already know that I went on a mini tour with my friends The Slackers...
I hopped on the bus in Berlin and we went to Koln then Zurich (where I saw my darling Reka!) before they dropped me in France on their way to Bilbao. I love those guys so much. It was so nice to get to hang out properly this time. And travelling in a nightliner was definitely an awesome experience! I also got to meet a new friend, Yvona who was their merch girl. A very sweet frenchie who lives in Berlin and works with Jens, the Slackers tour manager in Germany. I think we were both quite happy to have each other's feminine company! hehe! There was some nights it really hurt from too much laughter. The whole trip was short but full of epic situations...but hey, the pictures will say it all...talking of..I left a disposable camera with them asking them to be creative with it..I can't wait to get it back and see what they came up with. It should be interesting..
I was so happy they played some old tunes and "Watch this" was one of them (it's part of my favourite album "Redlight". Thank you for having me guys! and see you in August! <3

Glen and the 2am wurst

at the truck stop where we all signed the "celebrities book" for the cashier lady hehe

The sweet and beautiful Yvona <3

Reka and Jay and the amazing mural in Zurich

The inside of the Slackers mobile

some art on the venue in Zurich

The outside of the venue in Zurich (can't remember the name)

Ara, Yvona, Vic chillin in the sun in Zurich

Yvona and Vic

cool cats

Vic and his cabbage maracas at the giant music store in Koln. I found that one!

waiting for the boys playing with keyboards at the music store

Morning Jay

after a rough night in Koln...hum

The only picture of them on stage and I managed to make it blurry.

some extra shots of Jay...I was very inspired by the crazy mural and the model of course!

Jay and another kind of tiger..

Mmm..another cute lady behind Jay...

Poor Yvona got to eat only after the gig...


A man and his tiger.

In Koln I hung out with my friend Dirk I hadn't seen for 2 years!

Me in my bunk listening to the boys snoring...

morning girls in our boudoir in the back of the bus

backstage in Zurich with my darling Reka <3

oh my... hehehe!

Vic and I trying to look tough.