lundi 7 mai 2012

Slacking with The Slackers...

So you already know that I went on a mini tour with my friends The Slackers...
I hopped on the bus in Berlin and we went to Koln then Zurich (where I saw my darling Reka!) before they dropped me in France on their way to Bilbao. I love those guys so much. It was so nice to get to hang out properly this time. And travelling in a nightliner was definitely an awesome experience! I also got to meet a new friend, Yvona who was their merch girl. A very sweet frenchie who lives in Berlin and works with Jens, the Slackers tour manager in Germany. I think we were both quite happy to have each other's feminine company! hehe! There was some nights it really hurt from too much laughter. The whole trip was short but full of epic situations...but hey, the pictures will say it all...talking of..I left a disposable camera with them asking them to be creative with it..I can't wait to get it back and see what they came up with. It should be interesting..
I was so happy they played some old tunes and "Watch this" was one of them (it's part of my favourite album "Redlight". Thank you for having me guys! and see you in August! <3

Glen and the 2am wurst

at the truck stop where we all signed the "celebrities book" for the cashier lady hehe

The sweet and beautiful Yvona <3

Reka and Jay and the amazing mural in Zurich

The inside of the Slackers mobile

some art on the venue in Zurich

The outside of the venue in Zurich (can't remember the name)

Ara, Yvona, Vic chillin in the sun in Zurich

Yvona and Vic

cool cats

Vic and his cabbage maracas at the giant music store in Koln. I found that one!

waiting for the boys playing with keyboards at the music store

Morning Jay

after a rough night in Koln...hum

The only picture of them on stage and I managed to make it blurry.

some extra shots of Jay...I was very inspired by the crazy mural and the model of course!

Jay and another kind of tiger..

Mmm..another cute lady behind Jay...

Poor Yvona got to eat only after the gig...


A man and his tiger.

In Koln I hung out with my friend Dirk I hadn't seen for 2 years!

Me in my bunk listening to the boys snoring...

morning girls in our boudoir in the back of the bus

backstage in Zurich with my darling Reka <3

oh my... hehehe!

Vic and I trying to look tough.


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