mercredi 30 mai 2012

Teenage crisis...

Today I spent a very relaxing day with my fellow performer and friend Ema Montes! we had a picnic by the Seine with our friend Mitch Tornade who's visiting us for the week. Then I went to get my new piercing cause I'm a retarded daughter is too serious, someone has to be rebellious in the house! If you guys are going through a regressive phase and want to get some holes in your skin I can only recommend going to Chamor (my friend) who's working at Tribal Act, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris.
Of course, you'll understand that i'm not actually thinking that only teenagers are getting pierced! me and my very smart humour.. This is me being a brat. it's totally personal.
I'm not making any sense I'm afraid..
so, anyway, my day ended with Ema and yours truly, sitting in a cafe and chatting, trying to redefine what our roles are in this business of is a cabaret ol' chum!

Haaaaa....I got to relax for only 12hrs and lemme tell you, It was so welcome! Though, It looks like I will need more than that to have a normal brain again..

Here's a sweet tune dedicated to this beautiful day and to you Orlando if you ever read this.

Me. again. 

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