samedi 12 mai 2012

Fun mail ♥...

April, you've been good to me, so first, lemme dedicate this song to you...

Hello May! ( I know, May started already 2 weeks ago...better later than never)
Was I surprised yesterday, when I opened my mail box to find a big envelop that made me really really excited! My dear friend Marc in London sent me such a fun letter...very creative young lad you are!
hehe! Not only the message was sweet but the whole thing was a box to build!
so here I am.. sitting on the floor,following the instructions...and, ta da! The result cracked me up!
Merci Marc!! you're so cool! xoxoxo
I throw in  some food pictures cause I'm a pig...and that's it. voila for now! x

The Magic letter 


Lets see...

u can't really tell on the photo, but you get the picture, right? hahaha!!


Breakfast this morning! power stuff before I went for a run! 

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