mercredi 4 avril 2012

Mont d'or party...

So last night was the dinner for the celebration of my friend Mathieu Ha's birthday.
Kyria and Clement, A very sweet couple I have recently met through Mathieu invited me over along with Najat and the very fun and stylish Ken Yang who's an amazing painter and has such an interesting personality. He cracks me up. I always get so enthusiastic and animated when I'm around him!
We had this cheese called "Mont d'or" which you cook in the oven so it's all melted like a "fondue"
Usually you would make one "mont d'or " and share it with another person but they totally over spoiled us and had bought one for each of us!! Wait til you see the pictures of the monsters...I was full just by looking at my own pot of cheese..and it's interesting how it is  easier to eat a shit load of melted cheese when actually you could never ever think about it when it's not cooked!
It was so much fun! Kyria and Clement are such great hosts and their flat is so welcoming and warm.
Then we had a silly photo session of Mathieu cause I've always found that he looks a lot like Buster Keaton..
but enough talking ( I'm still half functioning tonight), lets have a look at the photos! :)

Lets play some silent film music while looking at them..(I was thinking about playing some cheesy music but naaah..)

Birthday boy in front of potatoes

The monster "Mont d'or"

Clement & Kyria 

trying to bring his inner B.Keaton out..

Kyria & Mathieu

Only a Buster Keaton look alike could get a flan as a B-day cake! the  candles were making stunts!

Mathieu & Ken Yang

the "not dead yet" bonzai

Ken Yang & Najat going the opposite direction!

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