lundi 9 avril 2012

Easter weekend...

Starting from friday to monday night...
But lets play this lovely song of my friends Vic and Dave of The Slackers while scrolling down...

We took Lili's grandma for vietnamese food for her birthday

we shared a crepe, "3 treasures " rice dish and barbecue beef dish

Grandma bought us flowers <3

I've received new colorful knee highs in the mail!

Grandma bought us tons of strawberries! <3
 Sunday night Lili and I went to Panta and Alexia's for food and films! when we got there I realised I had lost my cell phone so Panta called it and... a man answered, he was the bus driver who was behind the bus we jumped in to go to our friends place! someone ( a real gentleman!) saw my phone falling from my pocket when I was running trying to catch the bus and had given it to him! How lucky is that? I just had to go back to the stop and there was the bus waiting for me with the sweetest bus driver holding my phone! I was so thankful to those 2 persons (and all the people being held in the bus because of me) and believe me, I felt so blessed that the whole drama only lasted 5 min!! Back to our pretty amazed friends, we cooked and relaxed watching 2 western movies. One with Brigitte Bardot and claudia Cardinale called "Les petroleuses" another one with Klaus Kinski but I don't remember the name. they were great! then we slept over...
We made  rainbow springrolls ( my mom's recipe)

The art of rolling...

Alexia assisted me

before rolling

my sidekick in action


 Today was another celebration with food, lots of reading for Panta and me, lots of giggling and crafting and fooling around for Alexia and Lili... those 2 are out of control and so creative when they get together!
Alexia's amazing onion pie and Panta's salad!

rainbow spring rolls leftover


smoked fishes!

sheep fromage!

more cooking

cooking sweethearts

leftover stuffing for sprinrolls we made into a salad

one of Alexia and Lili's mini theatres! isn't it cool?

close up

New mini theatre they started today

they're so good!!

work in progress...

they started to take silly pictures

while I was reading about Mondo/ cannibals movies

really great book!

some of Panta's records

then the girls started fencing

they're so funny using kitchen props

they jammed

hahaha! <3

i read another great book..

they played more music...

It was time to cook more...
 We sadly left our sweet couple cause they had family coming over for dinner so we went home and watched X-men..It was such an eventful weekend and now I can start a new week at work with lots of good energy! hope you had a great easter weekend!
Then I cooked when we got home...

et voila! french lentils salad!

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