vendredi 20 avril 2012

Maybe I got addicted...

to running..
went again this morning, on my own this time, it was a little bit harder than last time cause I've had some sleepless nights last week and I had to work. Also, no Alexia to entertain me..hehe!
This time I stretched when I got home cause I was such in pain after our session last week! I was walking like a cowboy for almost a week.
Dj Scratchy who's staying with me, oh by the way he's playing at Alimentation general tonight! it's rue Jean Pierre Timbaud in the 11th! yeah, Scratchy was impressed that I had gone for an hour of work out in the early morning like I said I would do last night. I actually didn't run for a whole hour but it made me smile hearing that.
Yay! I'm ready for my long night ride on the train tonight! Destination: Berlin! 4 days hanging out with my geeky partner Tony and my other Berlin family! Then I'll hop on the bus with The Slackers for 4 days of fun tour! Hopefully I'll get some time to throw a lil post here and, shower time! x

perfect song that was playing while sweating my ass off..

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