dimanche 1 avril 2012

Oh sunday...

Another great sunday.. Lili and I went for quite a long walk that started from our house, we passed by our little park where the cherry blossoms were all so beautiful I had to stop and take a few pictures. We walked all the way to the latin quarter where we took a bus to go meet with our friends Najat and Laurence for an "aperitif" at Parc de Belleville. We got there pretty fast and while waiting for the girls, Mama and daughter just relaxed chatting and laughing. The time passed really fast and still no signs of our friends so we actually were thinking to leave when they arrived with lots of snacks and a bottle of champagne! Najat had gone to some "brocantes" in the morning and she found some knitted poodles that you use as bottle caps ( I don't know the exact name for it) and which I collect. she bought 21 on them! and gave me one that is pretty special..it's blue white and red and so tacky I love it! she's such a thoughtful darling! not to mention the delicious caramel butter spread she brought back from l'ile de re..Mmmmm! so we sat there for an hour trying to "analyze" this whole world we're part of in a non serious way. I love listening to her, she's so interesting and wise and.. so sharp. It was time to go but we got a call from our friends Alexia and Panta who invited us for a sunday family dinner. we couldn't say no to food and fun. This perfect day ended in an explosion of yummy food, Ennio Morricone records ( it's a classic at Panta's) more stories, pepper in my poor eye and really now, it's like death by food. I'm a lucky sunday girl. To accompany those images, I found another version of "you'll lose a good thing" by Aretha Franklin and it's pretty hot.. hope your sunday was good!

the lovely little park in my neighborhood

Lili enjoying the sun at Parc de Belleville

The sun was so bright!

Lili in my glasses..

New poodle in the family! and the delicious caramel butter spread Najat gave me <3

Lili jamming before dinner

the perfect view from Panta's kitchen!

so parisian, so romantic

Alexia making some delicious toasts with garlic, tomato, olive oil and cheese

The dessert Panta made with the old bread, rice and coconut milk, ginger , almonds and hazelnuts

The toasts in the oven

The delicious homemade tomato soup made by Alexia! sooo good!


it was tomato/ red theme tonight!

Home..the messy view from where I'm typing just now. hehehe

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