lundi 2 avril 2012

Dinner cha cha cha...

Tonight Lili and I had Ben over for dinner and film! he's one of our regular and favourite food companions! We tried to watch "The runaways" but it was too painful and the film stopped cause the streaming was bad so we ended up watching one of my favourite tv show "Tracks"on line. "Tracks" is an "underground" artsy show aired on the german/french production "Arte" that introduces you to the coolest and weirdest stuff happening in art, music and culture in general. Another mellow evening at Lili and Lalla's home! and to accompany this post, here's what we were listening to after dinner...

the chef starting to cook!

potatoes carrots beetroots sauteed with cinnamon and garlic, chicken marinated in lime garlic and secret sauce..and salad

Lili, Lalla and their special guest Ben!

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