vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Lindy Hop hop hop!...

Yesterday I took my first class of Lindy hop!
It was really fun. I volunteered to be one of the male partners as there wasn't enough men for all the ladies who was there! hehe! I think I did quite well..
It's going to be hard for me to go back to the girl's steps again cause my friend who I'm supposed to be taking the class with will only be back at the end of the month! Til then I will have learned all the men's steps and especially how to lead a partner! what a surprise for him! Hmmm...I'm not sure he'll be willing to learn the girl's moves. haha!
But it's all fine, I just need to be twice more focused during class. And integrate both male and female moves. It's time for me to be more attentive.
Anyway... this is something I've always wanted to learn. I have some good bases in swing dancing and I've always wanted to learn more acrobatics to include some fun tricks in a routine.
So this is all for future new acts! I'm excited and looking forward to next week!

And maybe my friend and I will be able to do some crazy stunts like these awesome dancers. They're insane!
Have a lovely day!

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