mardi 20 novembre 2012

A lil reminder...

To myself.

Just don't sit around and wait for something to happen cause you might wait a long time.
Make things happen.
Go get it with all your passion, shall it dissolves into your hands
It's about time to wake up and recenter.
Giving (to others) is never enough these days.
This world (around you) is greedy and ungrateful
So give yourself the chance to do things that will make you happy.
You. deserve. it.
You're your number 1 friend and best lover.
Then you'll see with clearer eyes and will be ready to humbly take what good souls have to offer.

Note: I'm a "big city" girl. living in a developed environment. I don't refer to the world as a whole fucked system (even though I'm tempted). I'm aware there is places where giving would be so welcome and gratefully accepted. Unfortunately (or luckily?) I'm spoiled, we're spoiled, and we just don't give a damn fuck. I just wanna remind myself to care more about myself before caring for other spoiled dead head. And yes, I'm inventing my own way of expressing what's in my head and how I feel. I throw words exactly how they come to my mind.
So I guess It doesn't matter if  I don't make sense to  most of the brave readers here. After all, this is a lil reminder to myself right?..

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