samedi 31 mars 2012

Fleas, eclair and french frites...

Today I met up with my friend Marc from London for a little wander in the Puces of Clignancourt. We both have found some treasures... a whole new family of Pierrots for my collection, they're so adorable and made me think of my fellow band mates "The dames on the moon"!, also some cute little golden bats I'm gonna use for a new head dress I think. But my most precious item is a 78 rpm of one of my favourite songs: "Perfidia"! The man in the shop was so nice and gave it to me for free! I'm really considering buying a portable gramophone to play it with some other lovely records at picnics this summer! Marc found the perfect wedding present for friends of ours who are getting married soon! I'm not gonna say what it is and spoil the surprise...hehehe. And... the highlight of my day was all these sweet gifts from my best friend Ane and her husband P-R who passed them to Marc for me. Marc is such a darling messenger! He treated me with a delicious plate of French "frites" that we shared and at the end of our lovely afternoon we took a picture in a photobooth in the metro. That was pretty epic, we both didn't have enough change and poor Marc had to run up twice to a bakery to make some, that is why we had a funny prop to use in our photos... you always need an eclair au chocolat when you come to Paris! Hope you guys had a wonderful day!
French frites!


from Ane (I love the penis that ejaculates!)

From P-R hehe!


Dames on the moon!!

this one Pierrot looks just like me!

Golden bats :D

photobooth eclair! hehehe (do you like my t-shirt P-R?)

I couldn't find the version of my record on youtube but this version will do, it's so sweet!

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