vendredi 23 mars 2012


Today was such a beautiful sunny day.. woke up early to grab coffee with a friend, I stayed a lil while after she left to immerse myself a lil more in Patti Smith's sweetness "Just kids". total Bliss.
I went home to fix myself some lunch that consisted of toast with a bit of Comte cheese, avocado, rucola and sweet soya sauce dressing and a bit of fried onions..and an egg!
Then I hook up with my friend Steve and his lovely girlfriend Amy, we went for a wander through rue Mouffetard where we bought some nice Ice cream then sat in front of the pantheon for degustation..
The three of us managed to splash some soda and ice cream on our clothes. it was funny.
Our little walk took us to the Jardin du Luxembourg where we sat and started planning a revolution..
I can't say too much but it's going to be...something. ha!
Then it was time for Steve to meet up with his mates for some skateboard action, Amy to take care of her application for the uni, and me to go back to my little one who had totally ditched me to hang out with her buddies. yes, she's 12 now.. I'm so uncool.
Still, I'm a good mama so I grabbed some delicious vegan cupcakes on my way back and after a healthy dinner made of Brocolis sauteed in garlic and oyster sauce accompanied with rice topped with fried onions, we both indulged with those lil delicious babies.. the one on the left is lavender and apricot and the one on the right is orange blossom flavour. yum! perfect day! :)

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