jeudi 23 août 2012

Bye bye Reki, Bonjour Brussels!...

My darling Reka has left yesterday...
thanks baby for all the good fun, the good words, the long walks, the healing hand and the music.
I'm gonna miss you til next time which fingers crossed, shouldn't be in too long!

I've decided to not stick around and keep moving, so... I bought a bus ticket and I'm heading to Brussels in 4 hrs to hang out with close friends and breath the air of my last days of freedom before starting work again.
Sometimes don't think twice. You just have to go. I mean, everyday is different and you never know what good or bad is waiting for you in the corner but you might as well just go and find out.
And, I'm glad I'm still the queen of spontaneity.

So bye bye Paris et Brussels here I come! ☺

Here's some cool pix I took of Reki on our last walk across town...

Aaaaah...Notre Dame

I didn't know before but the Pont de l'archeveche, near Notre Dame, is covered now with "Lovelocks"

does it not look crazy? so much "heavy" love displayed. Really sweet.

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