jeudi 16 août 2012

Cooking with Lalla in L.A....

Making Crepes in L.A. in Boss Harmony's cuisine!

Boss Harmony is the best Reggae, Punk, Curio music Selecter based in Los Angeles, he also promotes  badass parties like PUNKY REGGAE and DUB CLUB every week (to name a few)! Yes, he's working hard to share his knowledge in good music and make this world a better place to dance on (he didn't pay me to say that, I believe in Rocksteady beats and worship punk rock slides contests and ladies, he's a good kisser).
Make sure to drop by if you're lucky to be in town!
That's not all, he's also an amazing artist, designs his own record's sleeves, really cool flyers for his events, rad paintings and many many more things that you can check out HERE. (Maybe I should ask for a lil bit of pesitos actually...)

So, back to this episode...This is not a perfect one as it is filmed with my laptop, not edited and I didn't film the end (got overwhelmed by so much craziness and the heat got to my head) but I thought I should share it anyway cause it was fun!

This is a project I've had in mind for ages since I saw "Fishing with John" the tv show about John Lurie fishing with different guests like Tom Waits, Jim Jarmusch, Willem Dafoe...
I always end up hanging out in the kitchen cooking with my artists friends visiting and they always tell me cool stories while I show them how to make some of my favorite recipes..
That day in L.A. we were organizing a french party for our friends.
It was pretty much improvised hence the un-organized filming and bad quality sound..
Excuse us for loosing it and not saying much about the recipe and Mr Boss Harmony's interesting stories but this is what happens when you get into french characters...MADNESS.
Hope you guys enjoy it!
Lemme know what you think, I travel easily...maybe I could pop up in your kitchen if you have interesting things you wanna share with me. hehe!

I went to this one! amazing night, what a show it was!

Record sleeve made by Boss Harmz

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