vendredi 28 décembre 2012

London by bus...

I took the bus to London for the first time today! An 9 hours journey but I have to say it was totally fine! Those new buses are quite comfy, you get free WIFI and you have plugs on each seat! so if you have loads of movies and some emails to tackle it's perfect! But the best thing about it really, is that the tickets are really cheap even if you book last minute.
Now I'm safe and sound in the home of my best friends in Dalston. This is our last time here together enjoying the coziness of their flat cause next week they'll be moving into a new house. That's so exciting, I'm so happy for them for finding a place of their own where they can write a whole new chapter!
The 3 of us caught the flu so the next couple of days til NYE will be spent staying in, eating, singing and sleeping and I'm really looking forward to it! hehe! Then we'll be ready for the mad party that's cooking for monday! GYPSY HOTEL!!!
Nighty night!

Hello from the bus crossing the tunnel !

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