dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Late Xmas fiesta in London...

Happy New year!
Here's some pictures from my trip in London, Heather and I (sadly Ane was busy) were invited by Mama Malicious Aka Trixie Malicious for a late Xmas celebration! Man, she treated us like queens! We both felt like we were going to explode from overload food goodness!
Thank you Trixie for being such an amazing host! I will always remember this night...what could be better than spending it with the funniest ladies watching "Point break" and feeling utterly offended but still laughing so much at it? Not only Keanu Reeves is a bad actor but his character is the worse undercover cop in the planet!
I miss you already ladies, Lets do this again in March!

Anyways, here's how our day went...
Hope you had a great holiday!

PS: I hope whoever has a bit of sense of humour will appreciate the WHAM video...even if they don't have any..

Went to Tim Walker's exhibition to find our dream man John cleese portrait and boy, it made us feel like licking his face.

Trixie's mom had bought us some Nerds! I love Nerds...Uh Um...

Mulled pink juice

I wanted to ride Rudolph but no one would let me do it...

The biggest Mac'n'cheese "leftover" I've ever seen..


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